Specially developed model girls' skate RENTAL TIGHT GIRL is designed for rental. Skate Rental TIGHT lady are reinforced to withstand the load beginning skaters and frequent use. Special PVC (EX 32D) is water resistant and abrasion resistant, while retaining its features to -25°C. Skate is reinforced at the tip toe by a rubber material for increased durability and extending the durabilityof the skate. Size marking on the heel for easy handling speeds work of personnel in rentals!

Inner material CAMBRA brushed nylon unit fine type has a high abrasion resistance and absorbs moisture. Very strong reinforcement all around the skate, two pairs of hard hooks for laces and increased strength special thermo - all this makes this skate very good assistant for beginning skaters and significantly prolongs life when frequently used with different loads and by different users! Anatomical liner CLEERON 013S and CLEERON MEMORY in two layers is comfortable and has excellent thermal insulation function. The tongue has a 3D anatomical construction with internal stuffing and is again made of special resistant PVC - (light flexi-3D). Skates are equipped with classic figure blade made of welded stainless steel.

Size range: 28 - 33

Lenght of inner liner:  

28 - 17,5 cm

29 - 18,0 cm

30 - 18,5 cm

31 - 19,5 cm

32 - 20,5 cm

33 - 21,0 cm



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Детски фигурни кънки Rental Tight

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