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Main advantages: lite construction RipStop set of light duralumin pegs repair kit compression ..

468.00 лв.

374.00 лв.

Nikwax Down Wash Direct laundry detergent
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NIKWAX DOWN WASH DIRECTMade by: NikWax LTD , EnglandThe easy to use, safe, high performance technica..


21.00 лв.

Detegredent for impregnating membranes TX Direct 1l Wash-in
on demand

NIKWAX TX-DIRECT WASH-IN 1L Made by: NikWax LTD England The No.1 easy to use, safe, high p..


55.00 лв.

Detergent for membranes 1 l Tech Wash
on demand

DETERGENTS FOR CLOATING TECH WASH 1L Made by: NikWax LTD England Easy to use, safer, cleaner perfor..


41.00 лв.

Detergent Nikwax Tech Wash 300 ml
on demand

The No 1 easy to use, safe, high performance cleaner for wet weather cloathing and equipment. It ..


21.00 лв.

Detergent for washing and impregnating equipment Twin pack 300 ml Nikwax Hardshell
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NIKWAX HARDSHELL DUO PACKTech Wash is a soap-based cleaner which can be used regularly to clean clot..


39.00 лв.

Base and Mid layer
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Base and Mid layer 300 mlSilver eliminates smells. A breathable support system for all t-shirts and ..


12.80 лв.

Waterproofers - Spray universal protector 600 ml
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Waterproofers - Spray universal protector 600 mlHigh performance, silicone based waterproofing treat..


27.00 лв.

Detergent Nikwax for washing wool
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Deodorising cleaner and conditioner for woollen technical underwear and wicking clothing worn next t..


15.00 лв.

Spray for impregnating membranes Spray-On TX Direct 300 ml
In Stock

The easy to use, safe, high performance spray on waterproofing for wet weather clothing.Adds Durable..


26.00 лв.

Impregnating detegredent for membranes NikwaxTX direct 300 мл
In Stock

This is the No1 easy to use, safe, high performance wash in waterproofing for weather cloathing. ..


25.00 лв.

Wash In cleaner/waterproofer STORM mini twin pack
In Stock

Wash In Cleaner: pH neutral  low temperature cleaning  suitable for all wat..


17.00 лв.

High Peak Seam Sealer - 100 ml
on demand



16.00 лв.



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