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Powerbank handwarmer Alpenheat
In Stock

Features:Power bank with hand warmer functionAvailable in 4 colours: Blue, Silver, Rosé, GoldSpecifi..


88.00 лв.

Toe warmers ONLY HOT
In Stock

The perfect solution for cold feet. Thin and comfortable, with rounded and adhesive tip, it works id..


3.60 лв.

ONLY HOT Hand warmers
In Stock

ONLY HOT Hand warmersHandy and small size, for inserti into the gloves or pockets. Useful for skiers..


2.90 лв.

ONLY HOT Foot warmers
In Stock

A higher level for foot care. An exclusive technology, thin and flexible sole. Put the sole into a s..


4.90 лв.

ONLY HOT body warmers - adhesive
In Stock

Adhesive body warmer perfect to relieve rheumatisms, neck or muscle pain or for outdoors activities...


3.90 лв.



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