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Taky set of knee, elbows and wrist protectors
In Stock

The set consists of a wrist, knee and elbow protector. The wrist protector has a plastic padding tha..


55.00 лв.

BING set of knee and elbow sleeve
In Stock

TEMPISH BING is a very elegant knee and elbow sleeve set for skaters. The inner plastic padding toge..


47.00 лв.

Protectors Set For Kids Fid
In Stock

Protectors are lightweight and minimally restricts movement. The outer material is resistant to abra..


43.00 лв.

Fid Skate Protection
In Stock

The outer material is resistant to abrasion. Lining well removes perspiration and moisture away from..


45.00 лв.

Acura 2 wrist protector
In Stock

Anatomically shaped wrist protectors with plastic padding on both sides of the wrist. Wrist injury i..


32.00 лв.

In Stock

Protective cover for wheels inline skates. Universal size. ..


12.00 лв.

Rekd Recreational Triple Pad Set
In Stock

Rekd Recreational Triple Pad SetMade by: Rio Roller, UKThe Recreational Triple Pad Set is ideal for ..


69.00 лв.

Protection’s Heavy Duty Triple Pad Set
In Stock

Offering an affordable pat set that features hard wearing ramp style impact caps to protect against ..


76.00 лв.

SFR Essentials Triple Pad Set
on demand

SFR Essentials Triple Pad Set Protectors Made by: Rio Roller, United Kingdom The SFR junior tr..


41.00 лв.

TAFFY knee-pads
on demand

TAFFY knee-padsMade by: TEMPISH, Czech RepublicThe universal comfortable  knee-pads. Material: poly..


39.00 лв.

RIMZ - set of knee, ankles and wrist protectors
on demand

Classical set of three protectors (knee, elbows, wrists) for aggressive skating, skateboards, longbo..


81.00 лв.

TAFFY wrist,palm protector
Delivery after order 7-14 days

Elegant wrist protector with plastic reinforcement on both sides of the wrist ensures secure wrist p..


20.00 лв.



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