Product return


How can I replace a product?

To replace a product, use the form HERE.

To replace a product,  first you must return the product you received packaged and in a good commercial condition.

You should specify for which product, size and color you want to replace it. If there is a difference in the value you have paid, we will refund the overpaid amount by cash on delivery or by bank transfer or you will pay the difference. For orders paid by card the refund is on card account.


1. You can return a product within 30 days of receiving the order.

The return is paid from the customer for all products.

2. Send the product together with a completed form - electronic or paper. You need to pack the parcel well.

If possible add an additional packaging to preserve the integrity of the shipment. The form can be found HERE.

Recipient: Extreme Sport Ltd., tel .: +359 895461012, office of Econt Sofia - Rakovski №73 or office of Speedy Sofia - Rakovski.

3. If you return several products from one order or different, you can send them in one parcel.

4. The returned products must be in their original packaging, as well as with the labels and accessories attached to them. The products must not show any signs of use or have a damaged commercial appearance.

5. Refunds are made within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the returned shipment in the office of Econt Rakovski #73 or Speedy Sofia - Rakovski office.

6. In case your order is paid by cash on delivery, the amount will be refunded to the office of Econt or Speedy indicated by you; if your order is paid by card or by bank transfer, the amount will be transferred to the bank account (IBAN) you specified in the product return form.


How do I return a defective product? - A defective product  which is in warranty period should be returned in clean condition, with a warranty card included, if possible in a package.

The complaint is settled by the manufacturer through Extreme Sports. In case of factory defect, the item will be repaired within 10 working days.

Replacement of the item is possible in case of irreparable defect. Fill out the form HERE.


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