Extreme sport at Uzana Polyana Fest

When we first visited Uzana Polyana Fest above Gabrovo in 2022, we fell in love with it, so we decided to repeat the experience from last year on July 21, 22 and 23, when the eighth consecutive edition of Uzana Polyana Fest took place.

We packed our luggage - backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, mats. We also got a gas stove and a set of dishes. We wore Alpina Lino sneakers and Diamond sneakers. We did not miss a portable solar shower. We had prepared for the sun with sun hats. And for greater comfort on the lawn, we used Teva and Hannah sandals

They charmed us again

  • the lectures in the Knowledge Zone
  • Green Start-ups
  • innovative and creative solutions
  • the various tourist and sports events
  • environmental practices
  • Paneurthymia, yoga practices and meditations
  • Art entertainment for children

and many other interesting things that deserve to be seen.

The festival was visited by over 14,000 people, including farmers, artisans, artists or simply people who love nature.

This year there were several novelties.

  • For the first time, solar power was used by the School for Solar Specialists in Gabrovo, which powered a very large part of the fest.
  • In addition, a cup deposit system was introduced to reduce the use of disposable cups.
  • Also new was the area for Green Startups, where ecological building materials were presented, a new eco application for cleaning nature, a startup "Flowers in a test tube" with an idea to reduce the cultivation and cutting of flowers, Production of hemp products, Conversion of sludge from the treatment plants in plant biostimulant, 3D construction file and Birch and cattail food supplement.

There were many festival areas that presented eco ideas, models and practices, healthy products, art initiatives with children and all this in one meadow!

  • In the KNOWLEDGE space, 21 lectures on climate change were realized.
  • Organic cosmetics and natural jewelry, recycled accessories, wooden pencil cases, masterful dream traps, bows, kites and all kinds of other interesting handmade products from the visitors of the craft festival.
  • At the farmers market there were almost 30 tents where Bulgarian producers offered real products.

  • In the YIN/YANG zone, a look at yourself and the knowledge of our inner SELF through yoga, gong meditation, paneurthymia, therapeutic drawing.

At the Uzana Polyana Fest 2023, a football tournament was organized, as well as an opportunity to climb the Climbing Wall.

More than 100 people participated in the two treks - climbing Mount Ispolin and the "Meet Uzana" trek.

  • We, as usual, put on hiking boots from the Slovenian brand Alpina - Alpina Helios, Iris and Alpina Simbia.

There were also many people interested in the Focus School, the Bulgarian folk dances, as well as observing the stars through a telescope.

The Dog Shelter as well as the Wild Animal Rescue Center were guests at the festival.

And the happiest of all were the children, for whom there were so many possibilities that it was difficult for them to choose what to create.

Friday evening there was an outdoor concert on the lawn featuring the Latin band Latino Kopeles, the loud and very dynamic Greesh and the remarkable Nina Nikolina and her project "Traditions" featuring Kalin Velov.

  • Saturday night was sounded by the virtuoso accordionist Veronika Todorova and the "Dianopolis" orchestra with music director Krasimira Sultanova, the mysterious but unexpectedly good musicians from NeSteNiChuvali, the fantastic rockers from No More Many More and the finale, which was like a beginning from the extraordinary presence of Stefan Valdobrev and The Usual Suspects.

Uzana Polyana Fest 2023 ended with the big Uzana dance in anticipation of UZANA POLYANA FEST 2024, again in July and again at Uzana.

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