From Hut Bezbog to Mount Dzhano and Mount Polezhan

    In the hut Bezbog we stayed in a room for 14 people, which is located on the top floor of the hut. The lodge was recently renovated and was very clean and welcoming. Sleeping costs BGN 35 in a room with 14 beds on the top floor, and in smaller rooms BGN 40 and up. The food was varied and very tasty.

    After settling in, we took the lift from the Bezbog hut. The price per person is BGN 28, which includes boarding and disembarking. Up to conquering our peaks we took backpacks with only the bare essentials in them.

    We left at 12:30 from the Bezbog hut to peak Jano via Popovo Lake. We climbed for about 4 hours. We stopped for small breaks and to take incredibly beautiful panoramic photos of the surroundings. We managed to photograph and feed a family of deer - a mother deer and her two cubs. On the way down we saw them again and were very glad of them. On top of Jano there was a nice wooden sign and a the Bulgarian flag.

    On the way back we were going down at a faster pace than the way up as we knew it would be dark soon and we would have to use headlamps.

We were looking to quickly pass through the steeper part and the many canyons on its way.


  On Sunday, we left early in the morning for peak Polezhan. There was a blizzard on the ridge and he had to wear windbreakers. Up on the summit there was also a wooden sign with an inscription and the Bulgarian flag, as well as two shelters made of stones. In these shelters, apart from being able to stand while resting at the top, you can also pitch a tent to sleep in the fresh air.

We went down to the Bezbog hut using the lift. Before we left for Sofia, we went for an hour through the thermal outdoor pools in Dobrinishte to relax our muscles. We had taken swimming caps and swimming goggles and swam in the large pool and relaxed in the jacuzzi.

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