Fun or sport - winter ice rinks and ice skates

Winter categorically "declared" its presence, and with it brought a lot of joy - especially to children and lovers of winter sports. Even if you are not keen on skiing, there is classic entertainment for young and old. These are the winter slides. Of course, without winter skating you can't have real fun, but choosing the right ones can be a difficult task.


How will you recognize the good winter skates?


First, decide what you will use them for - weekend fun on the nearby winter rink or for amateur hockey, and why not for professional.


Figure skates for ladies is most often with a higher shoe, a special blade and ties.

Children's winter skates feature an interesting design, plastic shoes and a mechanism for adjusting the size.

Hockey skates are made of more durable material and offer comfort for longer use, in addition, there is a difference in construction compared to others - they are raised in the heel area.


Second, choose the right size. Unlike buying shoes, winter skates will not be "trampled" and adjusted to the foot. In case you need it for professional use, the right size is very important. For amateur riding on a winter rink, you can bet on a slightly larger size.


Third, how skilled you are at skating. The market offers models suitable for every group - beginners, advanced, professionals.


The latter have more serious parameters such as PVC sheath, which can withstand up to minus 25 degrees. The interior of winter skates is also an important condition for the comfort of the foot. The most commonly used anatomical shapes are foam and latex.

Some models have an anatomical ankle, which means comfort for the ankle through the anatomical shape of the shoe. The removable sock is another important detail that provides comfort for the foot. As the foot sweats with prolonged use, the possibility of removing the inside and washing it makes hygiene complete.

And last but not least, the blade. It is usually made of hardened carbon steel.

If you haven't tried it yet, it's time! Or you can become passionate about winter sports.

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