Mandatory equipment for rollerblading and skateboarding

Rollerblading is a great way to relax while playing sports, all within the city. It gives us the opportunity to spend useful and pleasant time alone or in the company of friends and family. One suitable for absolutely all activities.

However, like any sport, injuries are an integral part of rollerblading.

That is why the purpose of this blog is to list everything you would need to enjoy roller skates as secure as possible. The obligatory equipment includes a set of protectors and the right socks, and some other items can be of additional help for a smooth ride.

Mandatory equipment

Additional equipment


The helmet is a protector that aims to protect our head from hard surfaces. Head injuries are extremely dangerous and that is why it is more than important to protect it completely by using a helmet. No one would want to go to the park with their roller skates, but to come home with a concussion.

The helmet must fit you and must be well tightened. This is the first thing you should check when you put it on. If your helmet is too loose and you can't adjust it, you probably need a smaller size that fits you comfortably.

Comfort is very important when rollerblading, because it allows you to focus and enjoy the sport. That is why we should not compromise with the helmet. Also, if the size is not appropriate and the helmet does not sit securely, you risk it falling out just when you need it most.

It is no coincidence that we start the list with the helmet. By buying a helmet for your roller skates, you solve the most important problem in completing your equipment.

Knee pads

Knee pads are knee protectors that protect them from bruises and abrasions. We need to make sure that they fit snugly on our feet. If this protector is loose, it often rises in the process of riding and thus threatens us with injuries.

Professionals are inventive with their knees and add them to some of their tricks and jumps, boldly leaning on their knees. Therefore, when we wear knee pads, we are likely to land on our knees when we lose control of our roller skates and have to stop. With enough quality protectors, there is no real risk of injury.

Elbows protectors

Elbow protectors, etc. elbow pads, according to their name, protect our elbows. When the rider moves his legs forward, loses balance and falls backwards, the instinct that overwhelms him is to support himself first with his palms and then with his elbows. The result of this process, in case we do not wear protectors, is a bruised arm and abraded elbows.

Very regularly, the elbows are ignored by riders who find them unnecessary. The truth is that they are no less important part of the whole set of protectors (including the helmet) and wearing them protects us more often than we might think. Like the knees, we need to make sure that they fit snugly on our hands and are tight.

Wrist protectors

This is a protector that is rarely used in any sport other than rollerblading. In addition to the usual injuries for roller skates, such as abrasions and bruises, the wrist protector protects us from something else.

When we skate through a twig or lose our balance and fall forward, our hands automatically stand between us and the asphalt to protect us. This means that they are subjected to the sharp pressure of our own weight, which can often lead to broken or sprained wrists.

It is for this reason that wrist protectors have a built-in metal plate on the upper side of the hand, which prevents our wrist from turning inward and injuring bones and joints. On the side of the palm, the durable material from which the protector is made protects us from the inevitable abrasions.

The wrist protectors must be tightly fitted and firmly tightened to avoid any unnecessary movement. They should be slightly above the middle of the fingers.


A lot of people who are just starting to skate do not think that the choice of socks is essential. The truth is that this is a detail that should not be overlooked.

Short and thin summer socks, which are our most likely choice when we go to the park, are extremely inappropriate. It is advisable to bring a second pair. What should be the roller socks?

The answer is long, above the height of the roller when shod and relatively thick. Tennis socks, for example, perfectly meet these requirements. They are thick and long enough so that we do not feel irritated by the fabric or any part of the inside of the rollers. They also help to fit the foot better in the shoe, thus protecting our ankles.

Additional equipment

In addition to the basic equipment, there are several other items that may be useful to us. Their use is not mandatory, but recommended.


To some extent, we are able to perceive glasses as an eye protector. During driving, especially when it is at high speed, goggles can protect our eyes from dust, small debris lifted by the wind, and even insects. Let's be honest, parks are one of the gathering places for a number of flying insects in the summer.

Sunglasses are also useful when the sun is hanging and shining brightly. Protecting our eyesight while driving is important because if something gets in our eyes and we have to close them, even for a second, it can lead to an accident.


Even if it is small, the broom contributes to the safe spending of the day in carefree driving. Are you wondering what a broom would help with? A rough sweep of the terrain where you plan to ride will remove any debris, pebbles and sticks that otherwise pose a risk of tripping.

Of course, it is impossible to sweep the whole park, but we can take care of the alley on which we will mainly move.

Photo credit: Unsplash, Pixabay

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