Universal brake 80-100mm

Universal brake for in-line skates is suitable especially for skates with chassis from 80 to 100 mm wheels diameter. The brake can be in installed on all fitness and kid's skates, whose wheel diameter is in the range of 80-100mm. This brake can also be installed on the chassis 3x100mm. The width of the chassis should be wider than 35mm. The package also includes 2 pcs of screw, that are needed to a fastening of the brake to the chassis to the last two wheels.TEMPISH universal brake is ideal for flat chassis with non-embedded screws into the chassis. The hight of the brake pad can be adjusted in such way, so the braking is most natural and comfortable for you. We recommend to adjust the hight 1,5 cm - 2 cm over the surface (the hight changes according to the size of the wheels).

This brake cannot be used by skates whose brake holder is fixed to the chassis (cannot be removed).

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Универсална спирачка за ролери 80 - 100 mm

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