• Тротинетка Tecniq Air

The scooter TEMPSIH TECNIQ AIR is the top-level model of folding scooters. It is equipped with several technical features, that makes this scooter funny and playful sporting tool.

The wheels are inflatable and perfectly absorb even larger unevenness on the road, sidewalk or even grass field. The front wheel is 12” and the rear wheel is 8“.

The folding system can be operated only by a leg and folding or unfolding takes just blink of an eye!

The front and rear wheels are suspended with adjustable damping power according to the rider's weight.

On the rear wheel is mounted very efficient disk brake, which is controlled by the right hand. The distance between the braking handle and the handles can be adjusted based on the size of the palm of the user, so it is also possible to use this scooter by the kids!

The comfortable folding system can be managed only by a leg after releasing the safeguard.

The handles are very tightly secured with a large clamp directly on the steering rod. The handles have anatomically shaped grips for a comfortable grip and for long-distance rides.

The height of the handles can be adjusted on three levels between 90 to 112 cm and secure with quick-release clamp.

Pull-out part of the handlebar is bent forward for easier and more comfortable handling.

The base plate is lowered for a comfortable and longer bounce.

The scooter can also be braked by a massive and very strong mudguard-rear wheel brake.

The scooter is equipped with a folding stand for parking.

The scooter TECNIQ AIR is designed also for long-distance riding.

The scooter is suitable for children as well as for teenagers and adults.


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Тротинетка Tecniq Air

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